Our story

In 1929, due to poor health, Joannès Hafner, a clockmaker by profession and the grandson of a Swiss immigrant, Anton Hafner, was forced to seek a new profession.

One of his pastry-chef friends, Edouard Massardier, who eventually became his father in law, helped him reopen a small bakery, ‘La biscuiterie Franco-Américaine’ in the town of Rive de Gier. In 1946, Joannès Hafner returned to his hometown of Saint Galmier, in the Loire and built an 800 m2 workshop.

His son, André, accompanied by his wife Irène Massardier, joined him very soon after to assist him in the development of his new company, which, had been renamed, Biscuits Hafner. The company then continued to develop by producing other products such as: boudoirs (sponge-fingers), chocos (chocolate-filled biscuits), other types of biscuits, waffles, mini sponge cakes, chaussons (folded puff-pastries), macaroons, other sponge-based pastries, bûches de Noël (Christmas logs), etc …then it gradually began to specialize in ready-to-fill pastry products by creating its shortbread range.

At the end of the 1970s, his children, Pierre-André Hafner and Elisabeth Vindry, joined the family business, directing the company toward its present activity, the manufacturing of ready-to-fill pastry products.

Pierre André Hafner rapidly developed the company through successive expansion projects, increasing the main production facility to 8,000 m2, including 4 production lines.

In 1998, Hafner USA was founded near Atlanta, Georgia, to ensure the efficient distribution of its products to its North American customers.

In 2003, Hafner Canada was founded via the purchase of the Canadian company, Nathan Food. This factory specialized in the production of dessert cups, ice-cream cones and pancakes, and has since developed its production to include a range of ready-to-fill tartlet bases.

In 2008, Hafner purchased a company called Dufour Industrie in Saint Barthélémy de Bussière, in the Dordogne (France). The acquisition of this factory, which specializes in the production of pâte à choux (Choux pastry) and baba (small muffin-shaped pastries), has completed the range of products produced by this growing company.

In 2012, the group took over the factory in Septeuil (France), which was part of the France de Smilde Bakery, acquiring the brand name, “Les Delices du Palais”. This factory has four production lines and specializes in raw, cooked, dried and ambient ready-to-fill pastries and has enabled Hafner to expand its range of products to include frozen products.

The group, which is directed by Pierre-André Hafner, President of the Supervisory Council and Elisabeth Vindry-Hafner, Chairperson of the board of directors, employs 220 people and has 14 production lines, enabling it to cater to all the needs of professionals in both the patisserie and ready-to-fill industries.